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Ray Sample


Ray Sample, tenor, has loved music since he was a kid.  Growing up with his mother being a classical pianist, he remembers listening to her play and singing with her regularly.  Ray was two years old when his mom claims he sang his first solo. Really, he was on the piano bench in front of the church because his mother couldn’t leave him on the first row, so she turned him to face the audience and luckily, he happened to know the song, so he sang along.


Through the years Ray sang in choirs, singing the soprano part until he was eighteen.  Over time, his voice changed into a comfortably lower first tenor range, although he also sings countertenor. Ray went to college to study vocal performance and after three years, he went on tour as a Christian music artist. He has recorded three albums, written a few of his own songs and loves the creative process.  Ray says, “Arranging music and creating harmonies that are unique, is one of my favorite hobbies.”   He also is an accomplished woodworker/resin artist, and spends a lot of time in his shop singing and creating art.  People ask him all the time, “why are you here?  Why aren't you out there somewhere?”  Ray resides in Tri-Cities because his children live nearby, and it is important to him to be involved in their lives. 

Ray Sample
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