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Opera on the Vine

Welcome to Opera on the Vine – a team of talented and professional opera singers for hire. We provide a unique twist to the traditional opera experience, performing pop-up concerts in unexpected venues such as wineries, breweries, house concerts, and corporate events. We specialize in creating unique pop-up opera experiences and strive to create a special atmosphere for our clients and their guests. Our singers are passionate about bringing the beauty of classical music to any setting, no matter how unexpected.


Opera on the Vine has been doing pop-up opera performances since 2017. Our repertoire includes all the favorites – from Mozart to Puccini to Gershwin – and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring the beauty of opera to life. We strive to make opera accessible and enjoyable to everyone, while also offering a high-quality musical experience. Our goal is to bring joy and delight to all, one tune at a time.

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